1933 1934 1937 1938 1939 1940 Ford Banjo Rear End Axle Bells One each 1933-1934 Left and Right Axle Bell Housing One each 37-40 Left and right Axle Bell Housing $50 each 513-515-6827 call or text Would prefer a local pick up but shipping is a possibility ! Can bring with me to the fall Hershey swap meet in October
1935-1936 Ford Rear End 4:11 Gears Torque Tube and Drive Shaft Car Truck Sedan Hot Rod, came out of a running and driving restored car about five years ago always been in my garage after it was taken out, oil does not have any water in it at all, looks like a good rear end. Your getting the rear end torque tube and drive shaft! $300 If you are needing the rear radius rods I have them they would...
1940 Ford Rear Original Brake Drums Hot Rod, came off of a friend of mines 32 Ford Coupe about 10 years ago and just been sitting on my shelf. $150 plus shipping! 513-515-6827 call or text
1933 1934 Ford Banjo Rear End 3:78 Gears, gears look good, one axle the treads need attention or will need another axle! No spider gears! $125 Local pick up I can hold as long as needed if out of state and need time to pick it up or I can bring it to the fall Hershey swap meet in October
(4) 1939-1948 Ford 3 Speed Transmission Cases Hot Rod, I know three of them are definitely 1939 ones and one of them is the truck case that has the extra rib on the bottom for extra strength, The one with the shift tower I believe is a 1938 one since it only has the one detent screw on the side! I have more pictures of each one if you are interested in one certain case ! $75 each or all 4 for $...
1937-1940 Ford Coupe Sedan Truck Original Optional Ford Front Sway Bar very good shape came off a 40 Ford Original Coupe! $100 Plus shipping I can bring to good guys Columbus this coming Saturday or Fall Hershey swap meet in October 513-515-6827 call or text
1939-1948 Lincoln Ford Rear Brake Drums 5x5 1/2 Bolt Pattern Banjo Rear End Drums, these came off a Lincoln Rear ended I parted out a long time ago they will work on the early Ford rear end as well but the early Ford ones didn t have the cooling fins on them like the 39-48 Lincoln rear end brake drums! 513-515-6827 call or text $200 plus shipping If paid for in full I can deliver them to the Fa...
1937-1940 Ford Front Original Spring Coupe Sedan Truck Buggy Spring, very good shape! All stock and never taken apart! Spring eyes are in good shape! $100 plus shipping! Can deliver to Goodguys in Columbus this coming Saturday or can bring with me to the Fall Hershey swap meet in October
1939-1948 Ford 3 Speed Open Drive Line Transmission 91-A 3 Shift Fork 78 Case, could use possibly but some of the gears are some rounded off teeth and the front bearing makes a little noise! This is the better trans case and the top shift tower is the double detent with the 3 shift fork! $375 Can bring to Goodguys Columbus with me on this coming Saturday
Here s a nice front clip for a 1967 Bug. The apron is nice. Doesn t appear to have been wrecked at any point. I will cut it wherever you want. The fenders popped off with ease! Local pick up is preferred. My zip is 45069
Here s a super clean untested Thing wiper motor. The bail clip is nice and tight! Free shipping in the USA PayPal add 4% or send as gift
These came out of a early 67 beetle hence the reason they don t have the side release on the upper side. These are super dry seats. No rust or bang marks. These are for local cash pickup only. 45069. I can also deliver them to a Vw show.
35-48 FORD BANJO CENTER SECTION AND RING AND PINION 3:54 GEAR RATIO, 10 Spline where the drive shaft plugs on, good shape gears look good, came out of a 35 Ford Rear end! $350 513-607-1981
Looking for a mushroom offset air filter. Fits splits from approximately from 49-50. Looking for it in decent to perfect condition. Thanks, Bill 859-466-2249
This is nos . old seat material (green) great shape . $45
Silver streak emblem, year?? , appears nos? Not sure if the tweak is suspose to be there..$45
Lightly used....have good deals on one end. Check pic.s ask questions. Check out my other ads. PayPal + 4% and POMO accepted. International use PayPal only. Thanks Bill
Small Block Chevy Edelbrock Tri-Power 3 Deuce (3x2) Intake And Carburetor Set up 283 327 350, the carbs might need rebuilt not 100% sure, they look clean inside but never ran the setup so cant say they are runable or not! The intake is a Edelbrock C357 B and the carbs are Rochester GM 2 Barrels, the center one has the electric choke and idle adjustment screw, the front and back ones are set up ...